Print a Cool Christmas Gift Box For Your Presents

18 Dec


How about doing something different for the Christmas presents this year by 3D printing an interesting, original and cool gift box to put your present inside. You can go for a labyrinth type of box to make it harder for the receiver to actually open it up and see what is hidden inside, or go for a more traditional type of gift box. Make a treasure box replica, or a safe box with a lock combination that you need to guess… there are a lot of options. For some ideas and readily available to print gift boxes you can take a look at a collection of Gift Boxes on Thingiverse, then you can either like one and print it, modify it a bit or design your own idea inspired by some of the 3D models. Take advantage of the possibilities that having a 3D printer opens up in front of you and make even a more traditional gift a pleasant surprise when you package it in an original 3D printed gift box.

To check out the Gift Boxes collection with some designs available to 3D print on Thingiverse…

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January 15th, 2016 at 20:29

Awesome idea! Having a custom box to put the present in adds just an extra personalized touch. Plus, those are some awesome design ideas there. Thanks for sharing!

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