Four Color Printing for Your 3D Printer Soon with The Palette

31 Mar


Mosaic Manufacturing are getting ready to launch their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for The Palette – a device that would allow you to print with 4 different filaments using a 3D printer with a single extruder. The Palette should be compatible with any 3D printer as it has 4 different filaments as input and the software for the addon calculates a single filament output with the different colors combined based on the 3D model you want to print. For the moment the device is just combining 4 different filaments into a single one and allows only 4 different colors to be printed, it is not mixing the different colors to create other colors. So it is not going to be full color 3D printing addon, just multi-color 3D printing capabilities to a single extruder 3D printer.

The Kickstarter campaign will be launched in the next three to four weeks. The expected starting price for The Pallet addon should be around $475 USD ($600 CAD). We are already looking forward to seeing one of these addons in action and getting one to try out on our MakerBot replicator 2 3D printer that comes with just a single extrduder and that is a bit limiting in the capabilities that the device has and the same goes for many other 3D printers. The Palette addon is also interesting for devices that do have dual extruders as it allows for the use of four different colors and not just two. Also the fact that all of the colors are combined in a single filament does offer some advantages over the use of two different filaments loaded in two different extruders.

For more details about the Mosaic Manufacturing and their 3D printer addon The Palette…

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