TinyBoy 2 3D Printer Crowdfunding Campaign

24 Oct

The original Tinyboy 3D printer was designed by a high school teacher called Parker Leung as an affordable, compact and easy to use educational tool to help students get into 3D printing. The idea was for students to assemble and maintain their 3D printers before actually start using them for 3D printing. And now is the time for the new TinyBoy 2 3D printer that builds on top of the original design by improving and optimizing it for better, faster and more reliable printing results. Just like the original design, the design of Tinyboy 2 is going to be opened for everyone after shipping of the product commences.


The TinyBoy 2 3D printer is goign to be available in two different model – L10 and L16 with the later offering slightly larger build size on the Z axis. The original TinyBoy has a build size of 8x8x8 cm while the new version 2 will offer 10x10x10 build volume for L10 with the L16 having a volume of 10x10x16 cm. Another new feature added on the TinyBoy is the support of direct SD flash card printing and not via only USB connectivity like on the original model. We have recently obtained a TinyBoy 3D printer and are currently testing the device as we were curious to see how well it will perform, not to mention that it is one of the most affordable FDM/FFF 3D printers available that you can currently get.

The IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign can currently get you an early bird L10 package for $239 USD or L16 package for $279 with an expected delivery in March 2016. The regular pricing for the L10 is $279 USD and L16 is available for $319 USD with June 2016 availability. These prices do not include shipping and the printers will be shipped form Asia, so you should have that in mind when backing up the project as there is free shipping available only for Hong Kong, Macau, China and Tawian.

For more details about the upcoming TinyBoy 2 3D printer on IndieGoGo…

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2 Responses to TinyBoy 2 3D Printer Crowdfunding Campaign

Ronny Behr

November 30th, 2015 at 21:43

Really nice tiny printer for tiny people; )


August 1st, 2016 at 19:58

Looks like a realy nice 3D-Printer. Does the side-fan interfere with your HotEnd? I could imagine the fans cools down the HotEnd. Maybe you could a silicon cover so insulate the heatblock.

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