Halloween Decorations, Carve a Pumpkin or 3D Print One

20 Oct

Halloween is coming and it is time to get ready with some scary decorations in time for it at the end of the month. Things don’t go more traditional than carving a pumpkin and making something scary from it, especially in the dark and if you add some dim lights…

It all looks nice and all with a regular pumpkin in a jack-o’-lantern style, but this is already so 20th century. Where I come from Halloween is not a traditional holiday, but people are picking it up in the last years and you can see a lot of them getting prepared, especially kids of course.

Last year I have actually 3D printed a Halloween Pumpkin on a 3D printer among other decorations and added some LED lights to make it look really nice, though I can’t seem to find where I put it now. The good thing is that you can 3D print one yourself using this 3D model on Thingiverse. It looks like is a whole regular pumpkin on the outside, but when you add light inside it the eyes and mouth start to glow adding an eerie effect.

For best results you should use orange 3D printer filament to make it look like a real pumpkin. The bottom of the 3D model is open and inside it is hollow, so it will not take up way too much filament. What you need to do is to add some LED light inside to make the trick with the glowing eyes and mouth work as intended. The trick with the glowing eyes and mouth when is done with thinner walls used for the 3D model for that particular part than the rest of the pumpkin. When there is no light inside the thing looks just like a regular pumpkin…

Here is a collection of other Halloween-themed 3D decorations that you can 3D print…

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