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3DPrintMeetUp is a virtual expo that will be held entirely online on 04-05 May, 2015. It is open and free for anyone interested in 3D printing and you “can be there” regardless of your actual location. The 3DPrintMeetUp uses the ExpoLike platform for virtual expositions that was already used for a virtual Crypto Currency expo last year as well as some other targeted online events. The event will feature a series of lectures from leading 3D printing professionals, an expo hall where attendees can find information about available products, view demonstrations, ask questions, and receive answers from company representatives, and various opportunities to network with members of the 3D printing community. There is already a short preliminary agenda available, though more things should be added to it as the event date approaches. We are going to be taking a look at the online event in May as it should interesting to check out, so you might want to give it a try as well.

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It seems that 3D Hubs has added support for payment with Bitcoins when you order a 3D print. This has been announced on Twitter on the official account for 3D Hubs, though not much details are yet available. 3D Hubs has partnered with BitPay as a payment processor for the Bitcoin payments and apparently starting today you would be able to order something to be 3D printed for you and pay with Bitcoin for the service. We like the addition of Bitcoin as a payment option and will most likely try it out very soon, what about you?


Ultimaker has announced and shown two new 3D printers at CES 2015, these are the compact Ultimaker 2 Go and the larger Ultimaker 2 Extended that will complement the already available mid-size Ultimaker 2 3D printer. It seems that the company is following what MakerBot did last year by introducing three different sizes of devices that would better cover the needs and requirements of different users. The two new devices will be available for pre-order starting March and should start shipping in April 2015, so you are still not able to order them now. The recommended end user price of the compact Ultimaker 2 Go is set at €1195 EURO or $1450 USD without VAT and the price of the larger Ultimaker 2 Extended is set at €2495 EURO or $3030 USD without VAT.

There are still no complete specifications of the two new 3D printers, but most likely they will have the same features like the original Ultimaker 2, but come with a more portable size and limited build space for the Go version and larger size and build volume for the Extended model. Unfortunately Ultimaker is still not releasing a dual-extruder model, though there is some work being done on an unofficial dual-extruder upgrade for the Ultimaker. No guarantees however that this upgrade will ever be released, so if you were hoping to see a dual extruder official upgrade or a new device with two extruders from Ultimaker you might be disappointed from the lack of such.

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