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3devo NEXT 1.0 is a new professional and affordable solution to creating your own 3D printing filament or recycling materials and failed prints into filament. The company just launched their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of 50000 Euro. There are already some technical information about the filament maker and there is a pretty good looking and working prototype shown. But until the device is finalized there should be some improvements and more features hopefully available. The project looks promising, though there is more to be desired at this stage, but if you are interested in getting yourself a filament maker machine, then you would probably want to keep an eye on this one as well.

NEXT 1.0 Key Features:
– Superior filament quality
– Ease of use
– Unparalleled performance
– Unlimited 3D printing filament;
– Environmentally friendly solution to recycle failed 3D prints, plastic bottles and many other plastic items that would irresponsibly end up in the trash

NEXT 1.0 Technical Specifications:
– Dimension (with hopper): 506x216x540 mm (LxWxH)
– Dimension (no hopper): 506x216x448 mm (LxWxH)
– Color: Blank anodized / black powder coated
– Input material: ABS, PLA and other materials
– Operating temperature: Up to 500 degrees Celsius
– Extruder screw: Hardened nitride steel with compression zone
– Extrude diameter: 0,5 – 3,0 mm
– Diameter sensor accuracy: 43 micron
– Capacity: 1kg/hour
– Power: 110 / 240 V
– Connection: USB, Stand-Alone filament extruder

There is talk about recycling materials and turning them into brand new filament with this filament maker, however the device does not come with a grinder to help you in making the plastics into small pieces just like pellets. This is actually one of the drawbacks that many filament extruders have as they are most interesting for users to be used for recycling and making new filament instead of buying plastics pellets and making your own filament. Another important moment is the price, it seems that the regular price of the device will be 1850 Euro, so actually not so affordable compared to other alternatives especially if you will have to get a separate plastic grinder as well. Aside from the early bird units that will offer lower price and earlier availability, normal Kickstarter backers as well as people that may order the device after the crowdfunding campaign is over will have to wait to at least March 2016 to get their device.

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We have just got our M3D printer that we’ve introduced to you a while ago and on the photo above you can see a quick comparison between our MakerBot Replicator 2 and the M3D printer. The Micro 3D printer is surprisingly compact when you see it live, looks cleverly designed and we do hope that it will also work pretty well. Since now we have the device in our hands you can expect soon to have some first impressions using it as well as more details about it as the official website does lack some important things available to the general public.

Our goal with getting the M3D printer is to see if it really is a good product that comes in the form of an affordable price wise and easy to use for people that are new to 3D printing. If it does well in these two things it may really turn out to be a good first step into 3D printing for people that are interested in the technology and want to give it a try without having to spend too much cash. It also seems like a good choice for a present for not so small kids that want to learn and get into 3D printing. So stay tuned for more as we are using the device as we’ll be sharing our findings.

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There are already quite a few designs for 3D printer filament recycling systems that allow you to reuse the material from failed prints or to create your own cheaper filament from plastic pellets. We were looking through the various systems already available and ones that are coming soon to choose the one that seems to be the most functional and useable device in our opinion. We’ve checked the most popular options including ExtrusionBot 2, Filabot, Filastruder, Nozetek Pro, ProtoCycler and Strooder and our choice was the ProtoCycler that is going to be released later this year. It is not the cheapest choice, nor it is the most expensive, but in our opinion it is the most versatile and promising all in one solution. The ProtoCycler from ReDeTec comes with hand powered built-in grinder and integrated spooling mechanism, so you do not need separate hardware for that. You get a good speed of the created filament rated at about 10 feet per minute at a low power usage and high maximum speed for melting different plastics to create filament.

Technical Specifications:
– Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.02mm
– Extrusion speed: Up to 10 ft/minute
– Electrical usage: 60 Watts
– Dimensions: 14″ x 12″ x 10″
– Grinder input: 5″ x 5″
– Hopper Capacity: Expandable
– Max Temp: All metal hot end for 400+ Celsius

The ProtoCycler was crowdfunded on IndieGoGo earlier this year successfully with over 200 backers of the project and is currently available for pre-order at $699.99 USD with estimated shipping set for Fall 2015. The people that backed the project via IndieGoGo have priority, so if you pre-order your unit now you will have to wait for their units to be shipped first.

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