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Shapeways, the service that allows you to get your projects 3D printed from different materials and delivered to your doorstep as well as to order 3D printed things from various designers from around the world is running an interesting promotion. Now through April 20th, if you enter the discount code THANKYOU10 at checkout you are going to get a 10% off your next order. Do note that the promo code is valid once per customer, with a maximum savings of $100 USD, and may not be combined with other discounts on one order. This is a good chance to get something 3D printed at a better price or order something a bit more expensive from a Shapeways user selling an unique and interesting item that you were waiting to get for a while.

Head on to Shapeways and take advantage of the 10% promotional discount code valid for a week…


Here is something interesting and fun you can print on your 3D printer in order to get a good idea what is the level of quality and precision your device offers. 3DBenchy is a specially designed 3D model of a boat for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. It is a small recognizable object that you can download for free, make and share. There is a dedicated website with details on what should you use as printing settings as well as what the exact dimensions of the 3D printed object should be as well as some more details about the test itself. So you might want to give it a try and print the 3DBenchy boat on your device and see what you will get as a result.

To visit the official 3DBenchy project website for additional details…


Out team is a fan of the Kyosho Mini-Z small scale RC model cars and since they are our hobby like 3D printing is we’ve decided to combine the two, so we started making some parts for the Mini-Z remote controlled model cars to be 3D printer. Some of our designs are already available on Thingiverse for free everyone to try printing and using them and if you do you are welcome to share your feedback. We have also started a group called Kyosho Mini-Z for people that love 3D printing and Mini-Z RC cars, so you are welcome to check it out and join the group. Our Mini-Z 3D designs will be included in the group, so that can be an easy way to keep track of new things and communicate with other interested users as well. We are currently working on some more designs covering the Kyosho Mini-Z MR-02 and MR-03 rear wheel drive models as well as the MA-010/MA-020 AWD models, so stay tuned for more.

To check out the parts for 3D printing that we have already shared for Kyosho Mini-Z…