We’ve just received our order for a Proto Pasta starter pack that includes about 50 grams of each of the three 3D printer filament types offered by Protoplant. These include a carbon fiber reinforced PLA filament, High temperature PLA filament and PC-ABS alloy filament. The Proto Pasta 3D filament provides some interesting and unique features that could be useful for various prints and we wanted to check the materials first hand and do some tests on our own. Even though all three types of 3D printer filaments do come with a detailed datasheets including some tests for the performance and durability of the filaments as compared to standard PLA and ABS. The starter pack that includes all of the three filament types is a good way to check them out and try printing with them before ordering more. The materials are being shipped from USA and are available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters and in multiple different amounts, though note that the price is higher than what you would pay for normal PLA or ABS materials – roughly about twice more expensive. We are going to be starting our printing tests with the Proto Pasta material very soon and will be reporting our results here as we have gotten quite a lot of 3D filament samples to play with lately.


A German company called BigRep GmbH is making an interesting 3D FDM printer that offers a massive 1.3 m3 volume (1100 x 1067 x 1097mm) giving you the ability to 3D print really big things. The printer is called BigRep ONE and is essentially an FDM (Fused deposition modeling) 3D printer that extrudes thermoplastic just like the smaller and more affordable devices are. While having up to 27 times the volume of a large desktop 3D printer, the BigRep ONE.2 costs only about 5 times as much as the biggest desktop machine available from other manufacturers. Do note that the information available on the official website could be a bit confusing and contradicting as apparently it has not been updated to correctly reflect the updated specifications of the new BigRep ONE.2 everywhere (apparently a version 2 of the device).

The resolution that the printer supports is from 100 micron (0.1 mm) to 1 mm, equipped with dual nozzle extruder, heated build platform and designed to print using PLA, CoPolymere, Laywood and Laybrick filament, though it can also print with various other materials, but support for them is considered experimental. The suggested retail price of the device is €36000 EURO and the transport would add some extra along with setup and installation fee should you need assistance with that. Do note that the BigRep ONE.2 3D printer itself if quite big which is expected for a device with such a large build volume. It is surely an interesting products that shows the possibilities of larger scale 3D printing for businesses that are not able to invest hundreds of thousands for hardware.

For more information about the BigRep ONE.2 large build volume 3D printer….


GoPro continues to release new and better Hero action cameras each year, and they get better picture quality and more and more new features – the latest GoPro HERO4 Black edition for example, however the price also increases with that. You also need to buy additional extra accessories such as various mounts and other accessories in order to make the best of your GoPro action camera. It is good that most of the accessories are backwards compatible and the more specific ones are compatible with the latest generation of GoPro HERO4 as well as with the previous GoPro HERO3+ and HERO3 cameras. If you have a 3D printer however you are already able to 3D print many of the accessories and mounts being sold by GoPro yourself and there are also quite a few others that you cannot actually buy.

The user community that uses both 3D printers and GoPro action cameras is actually quite big and there are already a lot of contributed designs for various camera mounts and accessories that you can print yourself. There is no need to design something, the 3D models ready for printing are already available for free, and should you need something more specific that is not yet available you can use some of the readily available mounts or accessories and modify them to better suit your needs. This all saves a lot of time and actually the 3D printed mounts and accessories for GoPro action cameras can turn out to be not only significantly cheaper, but also better in some ways as you are able to use various printing settings and materials. So why not give it a try the next time you need something for your GoPro HERO action camera, just print it and test, we have done so and are really happy with the results we are getting.

To see the user contributed 3D models of GoPro mounts and accessories at Thingiverse…