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A few days ago we’ve tried using a perfboard build plate for ABS trick and we got very good results. Since then we have done some more experiments using PCB and here are our experiences based on our printing efforts using ABS filaments over a piece of perfboard. We have created and printed a build plate base that was designed to house the perfboard we use for testing ABS 3D prints with in order to make it easier to swap the PCB build plate with the glass build plate we use for printing PLA. The idea was to have the two at the same height, so there will be no need to do a leveling adjustment when changing the build plates. This however was not too successful as the perfrboard build plate does need slight readjustment of the distance between the nozzle and the PCB for good prints.


Finding the perfect level is still a bit of an issue, so the first two or three layers that we get printed of the object over the raft we use are not perfect, but there is still no warping. We even tried printing some PLA objects on the perfboard build plate and they worked just fine, so once you have the perfboard build plate installed and the extruder properly leveled for it you should be able to print with various materials, though with PLA filament it might be a bit harder to remove the raft from the perfboard. The only problem with the perfboard is finding a large enough PCB for prototyping with holes to cover the whole build plate that your 3D printer has. We are going to continue playing with the perfboard trick for printing ABS as we do have some more interesting ABS-based filaments to test printing with, though we do still prefer to work with PLA most of the time, unless there is something specific that ABS is better for.

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