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Our 3D printer, the MakerBot Replicator 2 as well as many other models do come with a plexiglass (acrylic) build plate and while you might have no serious trouble printing smaller 3D models on it, you may experience some issues when you start using more of the available build volume. The problem with the plexiglass build plate is that it is not that even as it may appear and every millimeter and even a part of the millimeter may be important when 3D printing something. In our case the Replicator 2 did have about 1 millimeter difference between the printing nozzle and the print bed at the edges as compared to the gap near the center of the build plate. This is easy to notice when you level the build plate using the three closer to the center points and then the print nozzle moves at the left and right edge of the build plate.


What we did was to look around for an option for a glass build plate for the MakerBot 2, there are quite a few options available. Even Makerbot offers a glass build plate upgrade for the Replicator 2, however it comes at a pretty high price of $250 USD. So we have opted out to go for an alternative solution that should provide the same results at a much affordable price. After checking a few alternatives we have selected to use the Performance 3D GLASS BUILD PLATE for Makerbot Replicator 2. This upgrade is available for just $50 USD without shipping and does provide much better results. We’ve received it and have already installed the new glass plate and the results are really great – the new plate is really even across the whole surface when leveling it. So we can definitely recommend this glass build plate as a great and much more affordable alternative to the original glass upgrade from Makerbot. We have ordered some other of the Replicator 2 upgrades offered by Performance 3D, so we are going to be installing them as well and trying them out very soon as well.