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We’ve seen people using dial gauges to level the build plate of their 3D printer more precisely for a while already, but we have just decided to try doing it ourselves just now. We’ve had a dial gauge, but we did not have the right adapter to mount it on our MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer, but when we saw this on Thingiverse and after checking the 3D model we’ve decided to give it a try. This is an adapter to mount a Dial Gauge on a DaVinci 3D printer, but it seems that it fits just fine on the Replicator 2 as well. The uploaded 3D model does need fixing before attempting to print as it has some non-manifold segments that may mess up the printing result, depending on the slicer software used.


The dial gauge mounting adapter may use some tweaking depending on the size of the gauge that you have, for our the mounting holes on the adapter are a bit lager, but nothing that cannot be fixed. The process of leveling the dial gauge to match the level of the printing head of the extruder could be a bit tricky as we are talking about tenths of millimeter precision here. Once you have everything ready you can quickly and easily attach and detach the adapter with the mounted dial gauge on it to precisely level the build plate and not rely on feeling or using methods such as a very thin piece of paper. The end result is a that you will be getting less failed prints and spend less time readjusting the build plate level between 3D prints. So if you have a dial gauge lying around you may try mounting it on your 3D printer and giving a try to the more precise level adjustment method.