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The last few years have been great for 3D printing and that goes for the development of different materials to be used with them as well. We’ve seen and tried a lot of new and different experimental materials ourselves and have covered many of them here as well. With filaments designed for 3D printing there are different strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right one for the job can be a bit of a challenge. Now there is one more useful resource that you can check out regarding different popular materials along with useful and interesting information about each of them thanks to Simplify3D. Their 3D Printing Materials Guide explores all of the popular filaments in use today, providing expert tips to improve your 3D printing results with each material covered. The guide includes in-depth articles for more than a dozen different filament types, along with a detailed Properties Table for comparing the physical and mechanical properties of one material against another.

Along with the Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide, there is also a robust Filament Properties Table that compiles 25 different properties and characteristics for each material. The Table includes detailed metrics such as strength, stiffness, density, and other mechanical properties that could be useful when designing your next part. A built-in comparison tool can be used to select specific materials for side-by-side comparison. Having all of this information in one place greatly simplifies the challenge of selecting the best material for a specific application.

To check out the Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide by Simplify3D…
Here you can find the Filament Properties Table for direct comparison…


We have just received our order of 3D filament wraps (samples) from 3DFilaPrint. The company is based in UK and carries many different types of 3D printer filaments and the best thing they have is the ability to order smaller 10 and 5 meter samples from pretty much the whole range of 3D filaments they carry. The so called wraps or samples give you to opportunity to try out various different materials at much lower cost and then actually decided to order or not a full spool of the material. With some more specific and exotic filaments a whole spool of filament could turn out to be quite expensive purchase just to find out that it is not what you have expected from the material. We have ordered many different samples to play with, so you can expect more details about materials such as Orbi-Tech’s Laybrck and Laywood D3, or the Taluman’s Nylon and T-Glasse filaments along many others including UV reactive and glow in the dark materials and so on. So we would recommend to anyone interested to find a local 3D filament supplier that also carries short samples that you can also purchase in order to test various new materials and see if your 3D printer will be capable of using them as well as to see how good they may fit your specific needs.

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