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3D printing using ABS filament does have some specific requirements for the printing device, the most important of which is to have a heated buиld platform in order to prevent the printed part from warping up and to have it stick well to the base. Unfortunately not everyone has a printer that is capable of using ABS thermoplastic materials for printing as is also the case with us and our MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer that is designed to support only PLA printing officially. That is precisely why we were looking for various things that may allow us to print using ABS filaments without the need to add a heated build platform to our Replicator 2 and we might have found a good workaround. We have stumbled across this idea and have decided to try it out – printing on a prototyping perfboard used for generic electrical projects. So we have found out some different perfboards and bought them to try out printing with ABS on them and our initial tests have produced very good results as you can see on the photo above. With that however there are a few catches that you should be aware of if deciding to try out this workaround, the important thing is that it works however.


The trick that prevents the warping of the prints using this method are the holes of the perfboard where some of the filament gets in and thus, you need to print the models with a Raft however to get good prints that stick to the build plate. Do note that this solution has some drawbacks and other inconveniences that we’ve discovered while trying things out. First we had trouble finding big enough perfboards to cover our full build platform, so we have settled with the biggest ones we could find, but thiс means a more limited size for the prints using ABS. When we got the perfboards it has turned out that they are not perfectly flat and that can cause issues while printing, so we’ve used the flattest one to get better results. After inserting the perfboard on the build plate you will need to do a level adjustment as it will add something between 1 and 2 millimeters on top of the level you normally would use for the standard build plate oф the printer. You need to attach the perfboard well to the buиld plate so that it will not move during printing, but at the same time will still be easy to be removed when you need to get hte printed part off it and then you would need to clean the holes of the perfboard from the remaining material. The cleaning part is very important as the holes do the trick and if they are not cleaned after a print you may start getting the prints warping again, you can use a paperclip to easily remove the remaining ABS material. We are still playing with the ABS printing on perfboard, but things are really looking promising on the Replicator 2 based on the results we are getting, so stay tuned for more information based on our experience.

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