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An interesting new 3D printer filament has appeared as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. ProtoFlux is an iron nanoparticle infused PLA that is attracted to magnets and has basic data storage capabilities. Designed to print using the existing PLA settings for your 3D printer, ProtoFlux PLA allows you to explore fun and academic magnetic applications with parts that print well and look great. Potential 3D printing applications of ProtoFlux include: Magnetic Field Shaping & Sensing, Magnetic Encoding, New Analog/Digital Magnetic Storage Implementations or Custom Magnetic Actuators. To give you and interesting idea of what the new ProtoFlux filament should be capable of 3D printing a compass needle, should you need to do so. Definitely an interesting idea about a new filament that will surely allow some new ideas to be realized with 3D printing…

The Kickstarter project for ProtoFlux PLA will be funded if at least $2100 USD is pledged by December 9th and the project has already passed half of that goal and it is still the first day of the two week funding period of the project. Proto Paradigm, the company behnd the project gives the chance to the first 80 people who pledge $29 USD or more to get 227 gram spools of the filament in time for Christmas, other backers will be getting it in January next year. After that the filament will most likely also appear on the official website of Proto Paradigm where they currently sell other more common filaments for 3D printers.

For more information about the ProtoFlux PLA Magnetic Filament on Kickstarter project…

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