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Lately we have been designing a lot of parts for small remote controlled cars such as Kysho’s dNano and Mini-Z as well as Losi’s Micro-T models and apart from just sharing them on Thingiverse we’ve decided to create a dedicated website. So this was how the MiniRC Project was born, still new and with not that much 3D printable models available, but we are going to try to keep it updated with fresh new parts as we continue to design them. So if you are into RC models and more specifically into remote controlled cars and have a 3D printer you might be interested to take a look and keep checking the project as it continues to develop. All of the 3D printable models are free and can be downloaded and 3D printed by anyone interested, though we may add an option to order the parts already 3D printed as a means to support the project and to have them available to people that do not own a 3D printer.

To take a look at the MiniRC Project website and what is already available there for 3D printing…


Out team is a fan of the Kyosho Mini-Z small scale RC model cars and since they are our hobby like 3D printing is we’ve decided to combine the two, so we started making some parts for the Mini-Z remote controlled model cars to be 3D printer. Some of our designs are already available on Thingiverse for free everyone to try printing and using them and if you do you are welcome to share your feedback. We have also started a group called Kyosho Mini-Z for people that love 3D printing and Mini-Z RC cars, so you are welcome to check it out and join the group. Our Mini-Z 3D designs will be included in the group, so that can be an easy way to keep track of new things and communicate with other interested users as well. We are currently working on some more designs covering the Kyosho Mini-Z MR-02 and MR-03 rear wheel drive models as well as the MA-010/MA-020 AWD models, so stay tuned for more.

To check out the parts for 3D printing that we have already shared for Kyosho Mini-Z…