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Flsun is another maker of 3D printers that has an interesting solution for easily adding support for the Klipper 3D printer firmware to an existing 3D printer that user Marlin and is not readily capable of running Klipper. The Flsun Speeder Pad is a solution very similar to the Creality Sonic Pad both in terms of hardware and in terms of implementation. It is essentially a tablet-like solution that comes with a 7-inch touch-screen display (1024×600 pixels resolution) and a quad-core ARM processor providing the computing power required to use the Klipper firmware. In fact, this is the exact same solution that the company bundles with their FLSUN V400 High-Speed Delta 3D Printer with Klipper Firmware, but with the standalone Speeder Pad you have the option to add Klipper support to all other Flsun’s 3D printers and maybe some others as well.

The Flsun Speeder Pad device is priced at $149 USD on the official website, so it is kind of slightly more affordable than the Sonic Pad, however it does seem to be much less user friendly compared to Creality’s offer. Unless you are going to use it for Flsun Super Racer (SR), Flsun QQ S-Pro or Flsun Q5 3D where you have profiles available you might have issues figuring out how to use the other generic profiles for other brands of 3D printers that might be compatible (depending on their control board – stm103, 2560 or stm103 and stm401). Not well documented and certainly not for non-advanced users that are into Klipper already and can work out things on their own trying to make everything work as it should be. Still, if you are feeling adventurous or like to tinker around you might want to pick one of these and try to make it work with your 3D printer, again should be easier for Flsun’s products than others. Though even then you might want to go for the Sonic Pad instead.

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