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The MakerBot Modio Challenge is now over and the winning entries have been announced on Thingiverse. The first prize, winning an iPhone 6 Plus smartphone, goes for a Modio Lamp, really an interesting idea, the second place goes for Jeff: The World’d Most Powerful Centaur and the third place goes to Omnis Terra: Guardian of the Land of Modioworld. If you have missed the opportunity to take part in the Modio challenge you can now participate in the new MakerBot Thingiverse FirstBuild Icebox Challenge that is accepting submissions until November 23rd. The prizes here are also interesting, as you have the chance for winning a big MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D printer, the new mini one or some filament spools for your future 3D printer projects.

To see all of the entries submitted in the MakerBot Modio Challenge…